Consignor Instructions

1. Drop-Off

Please bring your tagged items during one of these drop-off times. No appointment needed.

  • Monday, Sept. 18: 6-8pm
  • Tuesday, Sept 19: 9:15am-1pm or 6-8pm
  • Wednesday, Sept 20 : 9:15am-12:30 pm

2.  Pick-up

  • Sunday, Sept 24 – PICK UP: 1-3pm
*Items not picked up by 3pm will be donated to local charities.

3. Acceptable Merchandise

  • ACCEPTED AT FALL SALE: Gently used (no holes, stains or tears) Fall/Winter clothing (size infant-16 as well as Junior sizes), athletic wear, SMOD (long and short sleeves), jackets/coats, costumes, and Holiday outfits. Sleeveless/ short sleeved holiday attire and sleeveless sweater/corduroy jumpers/dresses will be accepted.

    *NOT ACCEPTED AT FALL SALE: Short sleeved shirts and dresses (except for SMOD), sleeveless shirts and dresses (except for holiday/sweater/corduroy), shorts, short sleeved pajamas, sandals, swim suits – Save these for the Spring Sale!

  • ACCEPTED AT SPRING SALE: Gently used (no holes, stains or tears) Spring/Summer clothing (size infant-16 plus Junior sizes), athletic wear, swimsuits (no string bikinis, please), and Easter outfits. Jeans, khakis, leggings, lightweight sweaters/cardigans/jackets and rain coats. Long sleeved boys Easter shirts ok. (Shorts must be an appropriate length, acceptance at the discretion of KKS Committee.)

    *NOT ACCEPTED AT SPRING SALE: Long sleeved shirts (except for boys Easter shirts), corduroy pants and dresses/jumpers, long sleeved/fleece/flannel pajamas, heavy sweaters and sweater dresses, and sweatshirts – Save these for the Fall Sale!

  • Toys, games, children’s and young adult books, bikes, baby equipment and furniture, strollers, and car seats.
  • Gently worn shoes.
  • The following items are accepted only in NEW CONDITION: Underwear (must have tags or come in package), Pacifiers (still in package), Bottle Nipples (still in package)
  • Current style, in-season maternity wear.
  • Designer or High-End Ladies Handbags  – see details here
  • We CANNOT ACCEPT stuffed animals, pillow pets, used underwear, bras, used breast pump accessories, toy weapons/guns (aside from nerf and water toys), VHS tapes, adult fiction books, violent/mature video games, or any items that have been recalled by the manufacturer.

4. Instructions:

  • Bring all clothes on wire or plastic hangers. Safety pin skirts and shorts/pants to wire hangers. Please do not use clothespins or straight pins.
  • Clothing must be clean and pressed with no stains, missing buttons, broken zippers or rips.
  • Shoes must be placed in a Ziploc bag (one pair per bag). Each bag must be tagged ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BAG as indicated in the tagging instructions.
  • All toys and baby equipment must be clean and in good working order with all parts secured with clear mailing tape.
  • Small items, i.e. diaper covers, small toys, bottles, rattles, etc. may be grouped in a Ziploc bag. Each bag must be tagged as indicated in the tagging instructions.
  • Car Seats should be accompanied by the Car Seat Waiver. KKS can only accept car seats that meet the listed standards.

5. Pricing and Tagging

PRICING: You set your own prices. All items must be priced and tagged prior to delivery. No items under $2.00. Please round all prices off to the nearest half dollar.

TAGS: Use one 3” x 5” white index card or 1/4th sheet of card stock as your tag: write your consignor number in the upper left corner, then halfway down the card, write your consignor number again on the left side, list size in the middle section, add a brief description below the size, then list the price below the description (see illustration below). Clip the BOTTOM right corner of the tag if you do NOT want your items reduced to half price during Saturday’s half price sale. Tape tags with clear mailing tape on toys, equipment, shoe bags, etc. No masking tape, please.

CORRECT TAGGING IS VERY IMPORTANT! Incorrect tags will not be accepted. Examples of incorrect tags that will NOT be accepted: tags with barcodes, tags with additional information that is not listed on our example, tags with information written in the wrong place, tags written or printed on notebook or printer paper, tags that are smaller than an index card.

***NEW! PRINTABLE TAG TEMPLATES! Just print it out and fill in the blanks! You can print on 3×5 index cards or 8.5 x 11 card stock. (Remember to use card stock instead of printer paper!) DOWNLOAD HERE: 3×5 Index Card Template  OR 8.5×11 Cardstock Template

SIZING: Except for maternity clothing, please do not tag clothes “Small” “Medium” or “Large”.  All clothes must be tagged with a specific numerical size such as 2T, 4, or 8 otherwise they will be rejected. If the  manufacturer has tagged the item small, please estimate what numerical size is most appropriate. A note about Junior Items: be sure to mark the tag with the junior size (ex. size 0 or 2 instead of size 14/16).

CARDS MISSING DATA: If a customer would like to buy an item that does not have a price listed on the tag, the worker at the cash register will assign a reasonable price and sell the item. Likewise, if a customer would like to purchase an item that has no consignor number on the tag, We will sell the item and donate the proceeds to charity. Please double check that you give your consignor number and a price on all items.

CHARITY: If you would like to donate your unsold items, please put a “C” in red ink in the bottom LEFT handcorner of your tag, indicating the items goes to charity.

SAFETY PINS: Use a safety pin to secure the tag to the upper right side of the garment, hanger facing left as noted (like a question mark). Entire tag must be in view (i.e. not under the collar). Straight pins will NOT be accepted.



6. Miscellaneous:

  • You must have more than 20 items.
  • Consignors with over 40 items are invited to a special preview sale. Only the Consignor listed is allowed admission to the special preview sale.
  • Items not sold must be picked up on Sunday during the assigned pick up time. All items not picked up will be donated to local charities.
  • The Kid’’ Konsignment Sale is not responsible for items separated from the tags. These items will not be sold.
  • $2.00 will be deducted from the total amount of your check to cover the handling fee.
  • We are not responsible for items stolen, tags switched, or items separated from their tags.
  • Sort all hanging items by gender and size before drop off.
  • Only items meeting the above guidelines will be accepted.

  • Have a specific question? Email us at and we’ll try to reply quickly!