Consignor Instructions


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Important Dates for KKS Consignors

Deadline to ENTER ITEMS using MSM tagging system:

  • Sunday, at 11:59pm

*you can still print tags after this deadline but will not be able to enter new items or edit existing ones.

Drive-Thru Drop Off

We know our consignors are SUPER busy! Register for our Drive-Thru Drop Off Service to simply park in one of our designated parking spaces, and our we’ll unload your car. No waiting around for your items to be checked – anything we can’t accept will go straight to charity! Get more details about Drive-Thru Drop Off and sign up here!

Drop-off times (No appointment needed):

  • Monday: 6-8pm
  • Tuesday: 9:15am-12:45pm or 6-8pm
  • Wednesday : 9:15am-12:30 pm

Pick Up Unsold Items:

  • Sunday from 1-3pm
*Items not picked up by 3pm will be immediately donated to local charities.

Quick Links

Acceptable Merchandise

  • ACCEPTED AT FALL SALE: Gently used (no holes, stains or tears) Fall/Winter clothing (size infant-16 as well as Junior sizes), athletic wear, SMOD (long and short sleeves), jackets/coats, costumes, and Holiday outfits. Sleeveless/ short sleeved holiday attire and sleeveless sweater/corduroy jumpers/dresses will be accepted.

    *NOT ACCEPTED AT FALL SALE: Short sleeved shirts and dresses (except for SMOD), sleeveless shirts and dresses (except for holiday/sweater/corduroy), shorts, short sleeved pajamas, sandals, swim suits – Save these for the Spring Sale! **We are NO LONGER ACCEPTING Maternity clothing or any bedding in sizes Twin and larger.**

  • ACCEPTED AT SPRING SALE: Gently used (no holes, stains or tears) Spring/Summer clothing (size infant-16 plus Junior sizes), athletic wear, swimsuits (no string bikinis, please), and Easter outfits. Jeans, khakis, leggings, lightweight sweaters/cardigans/jackets and rain coats. Long sleeved boys Easter shirts ok. (Shorts must be an appropriate length, acceptance at the discretion of KKS Committee.)

    *NOT ACCEPTED AT SPRING SALE: Long sleeved shirts (except for boys Easter shirts), corduroy pants and dresses/jumpers, fleece/flannel pajamas, heavy sweaters and sweater dresses, and sweatshirts – Save these for the Fall Sale! **We are NO LONGER ACCEPTING Maternity clothing or any bedding in sizes Twin and larger.**

  • Toys, games, children’s and young adult books, bikes, baby equipment and furniture, strollers, and car seats.
  • Gently worn shoes.
  • The following items are accepted only in NEW CONDITION: Underwear (must have tags or come in package), Pacifiers (still in package), Bottle Nipples (still in package)
  • Designer or High-End Ladies Handbags (see details here)
  • We CANNOT ACCEPT stuffed animals, pillow pets, used underwear, bras, BEDDING in sizes Twin and larger, used breast pump accessories, toy weapons/guns (aside from nerf and water toys), VHS tapes, adult fiction books, violent/mature video games, or any items that have been recalled by the manufacturer.

Preparing Your Items

  • You must have more than 20 items. Consignors with over 40 items are invited to a special preview sale.
  • Bring all clothes on wire or plastic hangers. Safety pin skirts and shorts/pants to wire hangers. Please do not use clothespins or straight pins.
  • Clothing must be clean and pressed with no stains, missing buttons, broken zippers or rips.
  • Sort all hanging items by gender and size and keep similar items together before entering into system (this will save you time!) and before drop off.
  • Shoes must be placed in a Ziploc bag (one pair per bag). Each bag must be tagged ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BAG as indicated in the tagging instructions.
  • All toys and baby equipment must be clean and in good working order with all parts secured with clear mailing tape.
  • Small items, i.e. diaper covers, small toys, bottles, rattles, etc. may be grouped in a Ziploc bag. Each bag must be tagged as indicated in the tagging instructions.
  • Car Seats should be accompanied by the Car Seat Waiver. KKS can only accept car seats that meet the listed standards.


Tagging Your Items

    All tags must be created using the My Sale Manager program. Download Step by Step Tagging Instructions if you need more detailed information. You should first register to receive a number. Once you have your number, you are ready to start entering inventory and creating tags! Start by logging into your personal CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE and begin with drop down Activities Menu, select Work with Consigned Inventory. You will arrive at the Consignor Inventory Menu. From here, you can view/manage Active and Inactive Inventory and run Inventory Reports.  

  • Add Inventory: From Consignor Inventory Menu, select Active Inventory (choose the device you are working on, PC or Mobile). Enter all applicable information for your item (i.e. category, size, description, price, quantity). Note: the category is not printed on the tag so include all details in your description. If you want to donate and/or discount an item, select those options to include that on your tag. Once you submit the item, it will appear below in a list of the 5 last items entered. You can view all inventory by selecting that option above the list.

    PRO TIP: Sort all of your items by gender, size, and group like items together. When it’s time to start tagging, entering similar items at the same time will make the process go very quickly.

    PRO TIP: If you have multiples of an item (Ex: You have 3 White Onesies in size 3-6 months), you can enter the info and select quantity of 3. The system will automatically add 3 of these to your inventory and will therefore create 3 separate tags. If you are selling 3 onesies as a set, list that in the description (Ex: Set of 3 White Onesies) and select quantity of 1 to create a single tag for that set.

  • Editing Inventory: From Consignor Inventory Menu, see your active inventory at the bottom of the screen and select Edit beside the item you want to update. A pop up screen will allow you to make changes, click submit and you will receive a message “Your inventory item was updated successfully.”

    PRO TIP: You can edit several items at once by selecting the radio button beside each item that you want to include in the bulk edit, then select Inventory Functions. Here you can choose to donate, discount (half price on Saturday), delete, or make inactive all of your selected items.

  • Deleting an item from inventory:  From the consignor homepage, select Work with Consigned Inventory. This will bring you to Consignor Inventory Menu. Select Active Inventory. See your active inventory at the bottom of the screen and select Delete beside the item you want to delete.
  • Tagging Deadline: After Sunday at 11:59pm, consignors will NOT be able to enter any new items or edit any existing items in their inventory.

Printing Your Tags

    *All tags must be printed on white card stock; 65b or similar is best. Heavier stock uses more ink and can result in blurry barcodes.*

    You can download Step by Step Printing Instructions here if you need more information. Log in to your CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE (link coming soon) and select Work With Consigned Inventory. Select Print Tags, then choose either to Print Selected Tags or to Print All Tags (HTML or PDF format).

  • Print All Tags:  If you wish to print all tags in your inventory, from the Consignor Inventory homepage choose Print Tags and then select Print All Tags (HTML or PDF).
  • Select Tags to Print: Select Tag Printing Options to reveal choices including printing all tags, printing only previously un-printed tags, and printing only selected tags. The tag selection area at the bottom of the screen allows you to select (or de-select) specific tags. This is a great option if you have made changes to information for a few items and need to reprint only those tags.

    Tags will appear on a new Consignor Tags tab in your browser. Use your browser’s usual print button/menu to print tags on your printer.

    NOTE: You must allow pop-ups from to print tags.

  • Printing to PDF: This is recommended if you do not have a printer attached to your computer/mobile device and need to save tags to print later. When printing selected tags, check the box to “Generate Tags in PDF format” before selecting your print option.

    Then, you will see a window confirming that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If so, select Display Tags for Printing to view your tags. Tags will be displayed in a new window where you may print the tags or download and to save the file to print later.


  • Items not sold must be picked up on Sunday during the 1-3pm pick up time. All items not picked up will be donated to local charities immediately at 3:00pm.
  • The Kid’s Konsignment Sale is not responsible for items separated from the tags. These items will not be sold.
  • $2.00 will be deducted from the total amount of your check to cover the handling fee.
  • We are not responsible for stolen items, tags switched, or items separated from their tags.
  • Only items meeting the above guidelines will be accepted.

Have a specific question? Email us at and we’ll try to reply quickly!