Consign & Save

Consign to Earn 60% & Shop Early

  • Earn 60% of Your Sales – Just tag & Price Your Items (Instructions Below) 
  • Shop Early (Thursday, Sept. 21 at 6:00pm) during our PRIVATE Consignor Presale!
  • Consignor Registration is Full! We hope to see you in the Spring! 
  • Beginning in Fall 2017, KKS is using My Sale Manager system to create and print tags. You will need to register to be a KKS consignor and set up an MSM account in order to create and print tags. Numbers are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. You will receive your number right away and can refer to our Consignor Instructions page for tagging info and detailed instructions on how to use the MSM system.

It’s so easy – Watch this quick video to see for yourself!

KKS Fall 2017 Consignor Registration

  • For our first sale using the MSM system, you WILL NOT be able to request a consignor number.  You will be randomly assigned a new number, that you will likely be able to carry forward for future sales.  After setting up your MSM account, you will immediately receive your number and shortly after will receive an email confirming your registration. Please refer to our Consignor Instructions for detailed instructions.
  • After you have registered, the system will automatically take you to the consignor homepage. From here you can manage your account, enter inventory, print tags, etc.
  • Aside from immediately after registering, to visit your consignor homepage, you will need to first visit our website and from there can click on the link to Consignor Homepage. This page cannot be bookmarked so we suggest you bookmark our Consignor Instructions page for quick access to your homepage.
  • The deadline to enter/edit inventory AND PRINT TAGS is Sunday, September 17 at 11:59pm.

Consignor registration is full! We hope to see you in the Spring!